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2018 photos

This gallery features some of my best, and personal favourite photographs from the past 10 seasons. You can purchase prints or digital copies online for personal use.
If you'd like to use images for publication or stock/commercial usage please contact me
Lean to the rightA bootful of gundogs-1garron pony at the game fairbertie the garron ponygarron pony at the game fair 2hounds at the game fairBarry Todhunter-1Wild Boar Forest of Dean-18Dunlin on Kingfisher-14Dunlin on Kingfisher-8Brown Hare-1Andrew and horses 2020-1Brownlows at Braidwood shooting School-8Brownlows at Braidwood shooting School-7Brownlows at Braidwood shooting School-6Brownlows at Braidwood shooting School-5Brownlows at Braidwood shooting School-4Brownlows at Braidwood shooting School-3Brownlows at Braidwood shooting School-2Brownlows at Braidwood shooting School-1

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Maggie Bair
Beautiful beautiful photography.... what a gift you have Sarah! Keep up the good work!
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