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This gallery features some of my best, and personal favourite game shooting photographs from the past few seasons. If you would like your shoot photographing, or if you're having a day with friends, then let me know and I can cover the day for you. Have camera, will travel. Distance is not a problem, in fact, I love to travel to different parts of the country, to document the different aspects of a shoot day - it's what ,makes my photography so diverse, and hopefully, unique!
Overbury Beaters Day 2018-231Overbury Beaters Day 2018-201Overbury Beaters Day 2018-186Overbury Beaters Day 2018-181Overbury Beaters Day 2018-178Overbury Beaters Day 2018-177Overbury Beaters Day 2018-247Overbury Beaters Day 2018-248Overbury Beaters Day 2018-242Overbury Beaters Day 2018-235Overbury Beaters Day 2018-234Overbury Beaters Day 2018-228Overbury Beaters Day 2018-229Overbury Beaters Day 2018-152Overbury Beaters Day 2018-212Overbury Beaters Day 2018-213Overbury Beaters Day 2018-149Overbury Beaters Day 2018-207Overbury Beaters Day 2018-208Overbury Beaters Day 2018-128

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